5 Ways to avail Medicare supplement plans after the enrollment initial period

Medigap plans are referred to as the Medicare supplemental plans providing insurance that works flanking Original Medicare.  In fact, majority of the people are aware that there is a Medigap enrollment period initially that starts on becoming Medicare eligible at the first time when you attain 65 years. However, there is a guaranteed issuance in case of enrolling in Special Enrollment Period of Medigap. It means you have 123 days that is 60 days prior and after the expiry of the current plan.  Here are some of the ways of acquiring Medicare supplement plans without the need of health screening or a waiting period.


Retiree Plan Employer-Sponsored Ends

You can get enrolled in a medicare advantage plan for 2019 at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/. Also remember, this will not be applicable if you are not paying premium.


Medicare Advantage Plan Termination or Benefit change

In case your Medicare Advantage plan premium increased or the copayments have increased by 15% or even more, while you find the benefits to have reduced, it is high time to stop the plan or end the relationship. If you stop it completely, you can buy Medicare supplement plans without any hassle, but the rule is that you will buy it from the same company from that you bought Medicare Advantage. In case the company is not selling Medigap insurance plans, then you stand a chance to get it from another company.


Getting out of Part C Medicare coverage area

If you are moving out of the Medicare Advantage plan area and consider going for all inclusive care, you can conveniently get enrolled in Medicare supplement plans. You can consider this option even if MA plan is available in the new area you are moving to.

Medicare Trial Period

In case you have Medicare Advantage plan on becoming eligible for the first time at 65 for Medicare, you can now switch within a period of 12 months to a Medigap plan with guaranteed issuance. Conversely, if you had a MA plan and have already switched once, then you may not be qualified for guaranteed issuance.


Take Two: Medicare Trial Period

In case you are switching from Medigap plan to an alternative plan that is also Medicare contracted, but within initial 12 months wish to return to the previous plan of Medigap, you are permitted to do so.  However, if the original plan is now unavailable, at your time, you may choose any of the available Medigap plans.